Pembroke Unit & Cancer Support

Each year the Pembroke Unit (ward and chemotherapy suite) at Salisbury District Hospital provides chemotherapy and other specialist treatment to over 2,000 local people with cancer and blood diseases.

The Stars Appeal works to support both these patients and other people being treated for cancer throughout the hospital.

How the Stars Appeal makes a difference:

  • Investing in the very latest diagnostic and treatment equipment, for example scanners and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)
  • Aromatherapy to help relieve patients of the many difficult physical and emotional symptoms from their disease and treatments
  • Wellbeing programmes for patients recovering from cancer treatments to help them get their lives back on track
  • The building and ongoing enhancement of the Stars Appeal Breast Unit – the first ever dedicated Breast Unit at the Hospital
  • Enhancing the Pembroke Unit environment with furnishings, décor and artwork to help make time spent there by patients more relaxing and as comfortable as possible
  • Free hot and cold drinks for all chemotherapy and oncology outpatients
  • Free headwear for patients who lose their hair
  • Prehabilitation and projects which enable patients to have input from a wide range of clinical staff to help them prepare for surgery and treatment
  • Activities such as music, storytelling, dance, reading and playing games through our Stars Appeal Live project
  • Companionship and social activities like trips away from the ward through our Stars Appeal Engagers
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Stars Appeal water cooler and beverage trolley
  • Accommodation for patients’ loved ones
  • Visits from hospital Chaplains
  • Supporting staff wellbeing and morale
  • Specialist training and education to support healthcare staff in developing new practical skills to enhance the care of patients

Patient Story

“The aromatherapy and massages help to keep you calm and relaxed”

“I’ve had breast cancer for some years now, and I come to the Pembroke Unit every few weeks for chemotherapy. When you’re going through the stress of having chemicals pumped in to you, the aromatherapy and massages help to keep you calm and relaxed. It’s a wonderful service to be given and I’m so grateful for this and everything the Stars Appeal provides to patients like me.”

Jill Crossley, Salisbury

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