Charitable Trusts and Major Gifts

Throughout its history, Salisbury Hospital has attracted the support of many philanthropic and far-sighted charitable trusts and individuals.

In recent years the support and generosity of charitable foundations, grant-making organisations and major benefactors has made a vital contribution to many projects which are helping thousands of local people in hospital. Donations made through grant-making trusts or offered directly by major donors are especially important to our larger projects.

Trusts and donors may decide to fund a whole project, or they may pay for a specific piece of equipment or new facility, or simply make a donation towards our ongoing work. In all cases, these gifts make a huge difference for patients here at Salisbury District Hospital and the NHS staff who care for them.

Please get in touch

We are always happy to meet with trust representatives and potential major donors and show them how their support could make a difference, and to discuss the many recognition and naming opportunities we can offer within the hospital.

To arrange an initial visit or discussion please contact us.

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