Other wards and departments

Every patient and member of staff is important to the Stars Appeal. That’s why we raise money to help all patient facing wards and departments at Salisbury Hospital. You can let us know that you wish to direct your support specifically towards any ward or department and we will ensure that your wishes are respected and that your donation is used to help in that area.

How the Stars Appeal is making a difference:

  • Enhancing the hospital environment, for example with furnishings, décor and artwork
  • Advanced diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation equipment
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Visits from hospital Chaplains
  • Facilities and accommodation for patients’ loved ones
  • Gardens and outdoor space
  • Activities such as music, storytelling, dance, reading and playing games through our Stars Appeal Live project
  • Companionship and social activities like trips away from the ward through our Stars Appeal Engagers
  • Play facilities for children
  • Stars Appeal water coolers and beverage trollies
  • Specialist training and education for staff
  • Supporting staff wellbeing and morale
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