Free Wi-Fi

Patients and visitors can use our free Stars Appeal Wi-Fi to keep in touch with family and friends, access free entertainment and carry on with their lives from their hospital bed.

How much we’re aiming to raise this year:

How the Stars Appeal makes a difference:

  • Funding free Wi-Fi across the hospital, including in the Hospice
  • Enabling patients to stay in touch with loved ones, especially important during times when visiting is restricted or relatives are far away
  • Enabling staff and visitors to access the internet and make calls, especially in the many areas of the hospital where there is no phone signal

Patient Story

“Stars Appeal Wi-Fi was a real lifeline”

“I spent six days on the Covid ward, isolated in a side room. In all that time I didn’t see anyone without a mask on, wasn’t touched without gloves. It was very frightening to feel that vulnerable, the most ill I’ve ever felt in my life, and yet not be able to have visits from my family or friends.

There was no phone signal so the free Wi-Fi funded by the Stars Appeal was a real lifeline. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to connect with any of my loved ones, but most of all my little boy. Aged 4, he didn’t really understand what was going on and was clearly very frightened when I was taken away by ambulance.

Being able to video call him and show him I was getting better was amazing – I can’t imagine how awful it would have been if that hadn’t been available.”
Kate Jenkins, Salisbury

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