Mum’s praise for new Stars Appeal baby heart monitors

A first-time mum who benefitted from the new Stars Appeal baby monitoring equipment at Salisbury Hospital has praised the “fantastic” machines.

Your generous support has enabled us to fund eight state-of-the-art Cardiotocography (CTG) machines for the Labour Ward and Day Assessment Unit, which monitor the hearts of babies before and during labour, helping midwives and doctors monitor the health of the baby, as well as monitoring the mum’s contractions. The new machines cost £80,000.

CTGs are used particularly for pregnant mums with higher risk factors and enable midwives to detect any problems. Several of the new monitors have wireless sensors so expectant mums have more freedom to walk around.

Fetal Surveillance Lead Midwife Tori Harper says: “It is one of the best tools we’ve got to help us to understand in a snapshot how the baby is doing. Having these new CTGs is enhancing the care for babies and mums by significantly improving the quality of our monitoring.”

Michaela Cone, from Amesbury, was monitored using a Stars Appeal CTG during the birth of her son Rory in November. She says: “Having the latest monitors to see how your baby is doing and hearing their heartbeat while you’re waiting for your labour to progress was really reassuring. The machine was fantastic and helped put my mind at ease. I want to say a big thank you to Stars Appeal supporters for making this equipment possible.”

Over the last three years, we have been able to fund over £300,000 worth of projects supporting the 2,200 babies born at the Hospital every year and their families.

Generous gifts left by three of our supporters in their Wills enabled us to help create the Beatrice Birth Centre, which opened last October, along with a new entrance and reception, and courtyard garden for the Maternity Department. We have also funded reclining sleeper chairs across the Maternity Department so mums and their partners can be more comfortable while in Hospital, as well as additional medical equipment.

We are currently fundraising for 20 specialist cots for newborn babies on the Labour and Postnatal wards, which cost £1,900 each. The new cots, which are height adjustable and have drop down sides, will make it much easier and more comfortable for mums to be closer to their babies and enable greater bonding in the first few hours of life.

If you can raise or donate £1,900 or more will have the opportunity to add their name, or that of a loved one, to their very own cot. If you would like to find out more please get in touch.

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