Please help us fund 20 new cots for newborn babies

You can help raise the £38,000 needed to fund 20 specialist cots for newborn babies on the Labour and Postnatal wards. Each cot costs £1,900.

These state-of-the-art cots will benefit over 4,400 local mums and babies each year and provide the best possible equipment for newborn babies.

The new cots, which are height adjustable and have drop down sides, will make it much easier and more comfortable for mums to be closer to their babies and enable greater bonding in the first few hours of life.

Maternity Matron Becky Roberts says: “The cots will hugely benefit mums and their babies. The sides of the cots can be dropped down and it can be manoeuvred to the side of the bed enabling mothers to be closer to their baby.”

She adds: “Mums can feel closer to their baby which will promote bonding and increase breastfeeding rates. The new cots will enhance not only the experience of babies who are in our care but also their parents.”

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about this project. You can also read more about the other projects we’re looking to fundraise for by clicking here.

* Thanks to our generous supporters we have now funded this project and expect delivery of the cots later this year.

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