Please help us raise £115,000 to fund 6 high definition videoscopes

We need your help to raise £115,000 to fund 6 high definition videoscopes to provide a new ‘one-stop’ diagnostic service for head and neck cancer patients.

The specialist scopes will provide doctors with the best quality images to assess and diagnose patients who have been referred with a suspicious lump on the head or neck.

The new equipment will enable head and neck cancers to be diagnosed faster and enable patients to receive the treatment they need quicker. Currently, patients have to visit multiple departments across the Hospital for diagnostic checks. This development will enable everything to happen in one place meaning a less stressful, more efficient, and ultimately better service for over 1,200 head and neck patients each year.

The new service will be led by the ENT and Maxillo Facial teams. ENT consultant and Stars Appeal Ambassador, Mr Simon Dennis, says: “The state-of-the-art scopes will transform the service that the ENT team and I can offer to our head and neck patients who are concerned that they may have a cancer. Please support the Stars Appeal and help to make this and other important projects across the Hospital possible.”

If you would like to make a specific donation to support this project please get in touch with us

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