We're fundraising for an additional echocardiogram machine

We’re looking to fund an additional echocardiogram machine for the Cardiac Investigation Unit. The machine will cost £142,000 in total and around £40,000 has already been raised in direct donations so far.

An echocardiogram machine, also known as an echo, uses ultrasound to show a detailed image of a patient’s heart which can help diagnose any abnormalities or conditions affecting the heart. For example, it can help detect congenital heart disease, heart failure, damage from a heart attack, and problems affecting the valves of the heart.

Having another machine for the Cardiac Investigation Unit will help to reduce waiting times for patients awaiting diagnosis.

Cardiologist and Stars Appeal Hospital Ambassador, Dr Susie Lewis, who is pictured with one of the Hospital’s current echocardiogram machines, says that having an additional echocardiogram will enable the Cardiac Investigation Unit “to do more scans and help more patients”.

This is just one of the projects we’re looking to fund this year. To find out more about other projects we’re looking to fund click here.

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