Art, music and theatre in hospital

Stars Appeal funded programmes of live music, theatre performances and artworks brighten the days of people in hospital and the staff who care for them. Not only does this work provide a welcome distraction, it contributes to creating a healing environment by humanising the clinical setting and encouraging interaction, relaxation, reminiscence and moments of joy, fun and laughter.

How this project makes a difference:

  • Providing the core funding for the hospital arts project, known as ArtCare, which delivers a patient-centred programme of creative projects at the Hospital
  • Enhancing the Hospital environment through interior design with patient and staff involvement
  • Live music, storytelling and dance that patients can join in with through our Stars Appeal Live project
  • Performing arts and interactive activities for patients and staff
  • Art exhibitions around the Hospital
  • A range of permanent large and small scale artworks across the Hospital site
  • Creating a better environment for hospital staff to work in
  • Supporting staff wellbeing and morale through organised activities such as the staff arts club

“There is now an overwhelming body of evidence demonstrating that participation in the arts and access to a range of arts opportunities can dramatically improve health outcomes and increase wellbeing. By supplementing medicine and care, the arts can improve the health of people who experience mental or physical health problems. Engaging in the arts can promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing. The arts can improve healthcare environments and benefit staff retention and professional development.”

London Arts in Health Forum

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