Stars Appeal Wi-Fi now ten times faster and easier to use!

Thanks to our brilliant supporters, patients, visitors and staff at Salisbury Hospital now have access to Wi-Fi that’s both faster and easier to use.

The charity has been funding free Wi-Fi at the hospital since 2015, but has recently upgraded the service to make it quicker and easier to access. As well as making the connection speed ten times faster, users no longer have to register or enter their details to use the service. Instead they simply select ‘_StarsAppealFreeWiFi’ from the list of available networks on their phone, tablet or other device, wait for the blue Stars Appeal welcome screen to appear, and then click connect. Every week over 3,000 people benefit from the Wi-Fi, including patients and their families, visitors and hospital staff.

Commenting on the upgraded service, Tara Rainaldi, Senior Sister on the Hospital’s Pembroke Cancer Unit and Stars Appeal Ambassador said: “We’re massively proud of our free Stars Appeal Wi-Fi which is vital in enabling patients to stay in contact with their loved ones, watch television free-of-charge and keep in touch with life outside the hospital. This has been even more important over the last two years when Stars Appeal Wi-Fi has enabled so many video calls between patients and their families especially when they haven’t been able to have visitors.”

The Wi-Fi service is just one example of a wide range of additional services, care and equipment that we are aiming to raise £1million to fund this year. Full details of all of these projects can be found here

Paul Smith, from Hanging Langford who recently spent time in hospital with Covid and is currently receiving cancer treatment on the Pembroke Unit said: “The Stars Appeal Wi-Fi has been a lifeline. When I was in hospital with Covid using it to make video calls was the only way I could see my wife and my sons. And during my chemotherapy it enables me to watch Netflix and also to access my work emails, so I can work from here if I need to. It allows me to take my mind off everything that’s going on with my treatment.”

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