The first of the CT Scanners has arrived

The first of the CT Scanners has arrived and will be ready to scan patients within the next few weeks!

A second CT scanner is due to arrive in October meaning that patients at Salisbury District Hospital will benefit from two state-of-the-art machines. Both scanners have been funded by our CT Scanner Campaign which, thanks to the generosity of local people and orgnaisations, exceeded its initial £650,000 target in just nine months.

Consultant Radiologist, Christopher Watts, said: “It’ll be a huge change for the 12,000 patients a year that have scans in Salisbury, ranging across almost every department of the hospitalWe’re going to be able to do things that we couldn’t do before. Certainly there are some things that we were only doing small numbers of that we can now do many many more of. Patients won’t have to go further afield to have test done on their heart, on their bowels, we can scan stroke patients more quickly, trauma patients more quickly. It’s just going to be amazing and we are so very grateful to everyone that supported the campaign – thank you so much!”

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