New 3D ultrasound funded by Stars Appeal

Your donations have helped us fund Salisbury District Hospital’s first 3D Gynaecology Ultrasound machine.

The new piece of kit cost nearly £90,000 and is being used in the Gynaecology Unit.

Lead sonographer at the Hospital, Simon Donovan said: “The entire ultrasound team and I are truly thankful for all the donations to the Stars Appeal that have allowed us to purchase this brand-new 3D ultrasound machine for the gynaecology ultrasound service.

“This Canon i700 system is a generational leap forward in terms of image quality in comparison to our older system. With the ability to acquire a 3D scan of a patient’s uterus and ovaries, we are able to provide increased detail to the clinical team regarding congenital uterine abnormalities, polyps, fibroids and early pregnancy complications.”

“It is Salisbury Hospital’s first 3D ultrasound system; we’ve never had the capability to perform 3D scans before and the team and I are excited to finally launch this new service. It means, for certain gynaecology pathologies, the ability to get a more detailed scan will reduce the time for a diagnosis as we will be less reliant on alternative scans like MRI or other invasive procedures,” added Simon.

“The positive impact on patients cannot be understated; this service would not be possible without the public’s valuable support.”

The ultrasound will also help patients who have experienced early pregnancy loss.

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Katharine Backhouse, said: “The 3D scanner will be a vital resource for investigating further women with recurrent early pregnancy loss.”

Here’s sonographer Megan explaining more about the new ultrasound machine and how it will help patients at the Hospital.

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