Walk for Wards FAQs

What will happen once I register?

We’ll send you your entry pack with sponsor forms for you and everyone you’ve registered with you along with information about the event and fundraising advice. If for any reason you do not receive your sponsorship pack or need any further information please contact us.

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We’ve got young children, can they walk some of the way and ride the rest in a buggy?

Young children and families are very, very welcome at Walk for Wards! The 3k route is mainly over flat gravel tracks and grassland and is particularly suitable for pushchairs (although a small amount of lifting may be required) and young children. The 5k and 10k routes are obviously more challenging with some rougher tracks and undulating terrain. (The 5k follows the 10k route but does not take in the woodland area). Whilst previous participants have completed the 5k& 10k routes using an ‘off-road’ style pushchair it is not recommended as considerable amounts of lifting will be required. The 5k & 10k routes are generally more suitable for older children and adults. Please call us if you are unsure which route is for you.

Please note that children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Can I turn up on the day and take part?

No, all walkers must register either on-line or by post at least one week in advance.

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How do I get there and is there car parking available?

Wilton House is well signposted from all major routes. Free car parking is available at the Wilton Park & Ride with a shuttle bus service, and your entry pack, which we will send you after registering will contain information about this and public transport to the event. We ask all wheelchair or mobility-aid users to kindly contact us before registering so that we can provide further details.

Will there be toilets en route?

Toilets are available at the start/finish and at the split point for the 5k/10k routes.

What about First Aid?

Our friends at St John Ambulance will be on hand at the Start/Finish point as well as roving the route in their 4×4 ambulance. Marshals, who are placed at least every 1 km along each route can immediately summon first aid to a particular point on the walk if required.

How long will the walks take?

As long as you like (within reason!!). It is not a race and the focus is very much on everybody enjoying themselves at their own pace. Expect to complete the 3k in between 0.5 hours and 1 hour, the 5k in 45mins – 1.5hrs, and the 10k in between 1.5 hours and 3 hours.

Is the route suitable for wheelchairs?

Unfortunately neither the 3k, 5k or the 10k route is suitable for wheelchairs or mobility aids. There is a shorter route of 1.5k that may be suitable, but the route is on gravel and grass, and can be muddy and boggy in wet conditions. We therefore ask that all users of wheelchair and mobility aids should have someone with them to assist and that they kindly contact us on 01722 429005 in the week leading up to the walk, so that we can provide further details on ground conditions.

Can I direct where my sponsor money goes?

Yes, you can choose to support the charitable fund of any ward or department at Salisbury District Hospital by participating in Walk for Wards. Click here to see where your support can help. You can indicate how you’d like the sponsorship money to be raised on the sponsor forms included in the information pack we will send you when you register.

How do I get my sponsor money to the Stars Appeal?

We don’t have facilities for accepting sponsor money at the walk itself so we would be very grateful if you could post a cheque (made payable to ‘the Stars Appeal’) to the Stars Appeal Office within six weeks of taking part in Walk for Wards. Don’t forget to include your sponsor forms so that ‘gift aid’ can be claimed. Please, please do not post any cash – thank you! If you have cash please contact Gemma and arrange to drop by and see us at the office.

Can I set up an online sponsor form?

Yes, just visit : http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising-page/creation/?cid=106043&eid=6834951 and click ‘make your page’. The money will be paid direct to the Stars Appeal so please state on your page if you wish to direct your fundraising towards a particular area of the Hospital’s work (e.g. cardiac care or spinal unit). We’ll add anything you raise in this way to any extra money you send in the post and send you an acknowledgement for the total.

How fit do I need to be?

Neither walk is massively challenging, although the 5k and 10k routes are moderately hilly and across some rough terrain. We recommend that you feel confident that you can complete your chosen distance comfortably. If you are in any doubt, or you have experienced health problems of any kind, please check with you doctor before taking part.

Can we enter as a team?

Yes, there is space for a team name on the entry form. Walk for Wards makes a great team building event for business, schools and other organisations!

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, as parts of both routes pass through the grounds of Wilton House, which are often open to the public, we cannot accept dogs. Please do not leave dogs in cars.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear suitably supportive footwear such as walking boots. You will hopefully require some sun-cream and a hat but you should equally pack your waterproofs as the walk still goes ahead if it rains, some say it’s even better for it!!

Is there an age limit?

Everyone is welcome! All we ask is that all children are accompanied by a responsible adult (who has also registered for the walk) at all times and that anyone who is unsure whether they are fit to take part checks with their doctor first!!

Is there an age limit?

Everyone is welcome! All we ask is that all children are accompanied by a responsible adult (who has also registered for the walk) at all times and that anyone who is unsure whether they are fit to take part checks with their doctor first!!

If the walk is free to enter, how does the Stars Appeal raise any money from the event?

From the sponsorship that walkers kindly seek from friends, family and colleagues.

What will the Stars Appeal do with the sponsorship money I raise?

We’ll use it wisely to help local people undergoing treatment at Salisbury District Hospital. Depending on what you indicate on your sponsor form, the money you raise could help to fund a major project. Or it could help with a smaller, but still very important project, like providing extra wheelchairs that relatives of stroke patients can use to take their loved one for a cup of tea or walk round the hospital garden, giving them some much needed quality time out. Alternatively, it might be used to provide a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, helping to improve care and save lives.

These are just some examples and you can choose the ward, department or area of the Hospital’s work you want to support. Whatever area you choose to support, we’ll make sure your hard earned sponsorship is used to provide additional resources, over and above what the NHS already provides, to help make a real difference for local people in Hospital.

Do walkers get free entry to Wilton House?

All walkers are free to enjoy the grounds of Wilton House and stunning adventure playground until 5pm. Entry to the house can be obtained by buying a ticket in the Wilton House gift shop.

We’re taking part in a large group including some young children, do we really have to raise a minimum sponsorship of £20 each?

Yes. As the entry is free, sponsorship raised by walkers is the charity’s only source of income from the event. We don’t expect young children to seek sponsors themselves, but we would hope that the adults in the group would raise at least enough to cover £20 per entrant (for example if there are 4 adults and 2 children in your group, the adults could raise £120 between them). We ask for £20 as a minimum, but we hope walkers will try and raise much more (it’s easy once you get going – promise!). There are rewards for each participant raising over certain amounts. These will be detailed in your entry pack.

Are there any terms and conditions of entry?

Yes, please read these carefully in the section below and ensure you are happy with them prior to signing up:

– All participants take part entirely at their own risk and understand that if they have doubts about their health, or have a medical condition that could be affected by exercise, they should obtain their doctor’s approval before participating.

– Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

– By registering for this event you, and those named above, agree to raise at least £20 in sponsorship per person. Should you be unable to attend, we would ask that you raise this money by participating in another event of your choice, or by making a donation.

– By taking part, all walkers agree that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken during their participation in this event to be used to publicise Walk for Wards and the Stars Appeal generally, including television broadcasts.

– Under the Data Protection Act 1998, Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal are required by Law to give you the following notice: By registering to take part in the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal Walk for Wards, you are giving your consent for your information to be shared for administrative reasons only. Your information will not be disclosed to marketing firms. You have a right to ask for a copy of the information held about you in our records, for which we may charge a small fee, and to require us to correct any inaccuracies by writing to the Information Governance Manager, Informatics Department Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Odstock Road, Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 8BJ: Data Protection Registration No Z6613850

Thanks for reading these FAQ’s and we look forward to seeing you at the start line.

Any further questions just call Helena on 01722 429005

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