Coronavirus - How we're supporting staff and patients

During Coronavirus nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners, catering staff, office workers and many other local NHS staff at Salisbury Hospital are continuing to work hard to be here for you and your loved ones and make sure patients receive the very best care. As Salisbury Hospital’s charity, the Stars Appeal is committed to continuing to support both staff and patients throughout the pandemic and beyond. Please help us to do this by donating or fundraising.

Dr Duncan Murray, Intensive Care Consultant and Stars Appeal Ambassador says

“The support offered by the Stars Appeal at this challenging time is more valuable than ever to both our hospital staff and patients. Thank you to everyone who supports us. Please continue to donate or fundraise to enable our charity to continue to help us all. Your support is vital to us – thank you.”

How we are helping

Stars Appeal projects are continuing to help both staff and patients during Coronavirus and beyond. Here are some examples of projects that your support enables us to fund:

  • Our dedicated staff counsellor and mental health nurse are helping staff cope with everything they are going through
  • Stars Appeal Wi-Fi is keeping staff and patients connected with loved ones
  • Specialist simulation training is ensuring staff are well prepared for whatever they may face
  • Hospital chaplains are offering comfort and reassurance
  • We’ve helped provide staff with morale boosting treats and free meals
  • Our Stars Appeal funded garden spaces offer peace and tranquillity away from the busy wards

You can show your appreciation for the hospital’s NHS staff and help local people in hospital by donating today. Every donation, large or small, will make a difference for staff and patients by helping fund projects like those mentioned above and many others which you can read about here.

Kind offers of goods and services

We have been overwhelmed by the many kind offers of goods and services from our local community. Thank you for all your support of the hardworking hospital staff and their patients over this period. We don’t want anyone to put themselves at risk in order to support us, so if you wish to donate any goods or services, to enable us to accept all deliveries safely in line with current social distancing and infection control protocols, it is important that you contact us first by emailing – thank you.

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